Irenilza de Alencar Nääs

Civil Engineer graduated from the State University of Campinas, M.Sc. in Agriculture from California Polytechnic State University, and Ph. D from the Michigan State University. She is now a full professor at the Paulista University, where she is carrying out research in production food networks. She is also professor emeritus at the State University of Campinas, and at the Federal University of Grande Dourados in Brazil. She has been working with environment and intensively housed animals under tropical conditions from the 80`s, and lately leads projects on prospective scenarios for livestock production under global warming.

She has more than 100 scientific articles, published mainly in Brazilian journals. Has advised more than 70 doctoral and masters students, and supervised 15 pos doc. Received awards both Brazilian and abroad. She is a member of the Academy of Science of São Paulo State. She was president of the Brazilian Society of Agricultural Engineering-SBEA, the Latin American and Caribbean Association of Agricultural Engineering - ALIA, and the International Commission of Agricultural Engineering - CIGR. She is now President of the Brazilian Poultry Science and Technology Foundation.

Selected Publications

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