Fred W. Bakker-Arkema

Professor of Agricultural Engineering Michigan State University
East Lansing, Ml 48824-1323, U.S.A.


Bluffton College, Bluffton, OH 1952-1953
Dutch Agricultural College, Holland 1953-1955
ichigan State University, BS in AM 1957-1959
Michigan State University, MS in AE 1959-1961
Michigan State University, PhD in AE 1961-1964

Employment Record

1955-1956Dutch Government, Extension Officer (AE)
1963-1968Michigan State University, Assistant Professor (AE).
1968-1971Michigan State University, Associate Professor (AE)
1971-retired Michigan State University, Professor (AE)
1971 (Jan-June)Wageningen Agricultural University, Guest Professor (AE)
1972 (May-June)Rockefeller Foundation, Consultant in Columbia
1974 (July)Rockefeller Foundation, Consultant in Brazil
1976 (Jan-March)Michigan Energy Committee of Ml Senate, Consultant
1979 (Oct)Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Consultant in West Africa
1983 (Jan-June)Blount, Inc., Grand Island, NE, Industrial Consultant
1985 (March-April)Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Key-Consultant in India
1985 (December)Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Consultant in China
1986 (September)Chinese Government, Consultant in China
1987 (Nov-Dec)Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Key-Consultant in India
1988 (September)Chinese Government, Consultant in China

Professional Societies (present membership)

  • American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE)
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  • Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS)
  • International Society of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR)

Major accomplishments:

  1. development of the MSU grain-drying simulation models; now used worldwide
  2. development and design of the concurrent-flow grain-drying technology; now commercialized on three continents
  3. development and design of a computerized automatic grain dryer control system; now commercially sold in the USA
  4. over $ 1 million financial support received from industry sources for grain-drying research over the last 15 years
  5. establishment of MSU as a major center for grain-drying technology; recognition worldwide
  6. close research cooperation established with Ml agribusiness firms and individual farmers in Belaire, Saginaw, Eagle, Webberville and Elkton
  7. close research cooperation established with the Departments of Agricultural Economics, Crop and Soils Science, Food Science and Human Nutrition, and Mechanical Engineering at MSU
  8. over 100 technical publications in the area of post-harvest technology, including the standard US textbook on grain-drying

International Assignments:

  • FAO Consultant in post-harvest technology, (1971-retired)
    • South America (Columbia, Brazil)
    • Africa (Nigeria, Mali, Upper Volta) .
    • Asia (China, India, Malaysia)
    • Europe (Italy)
  • Industrial Consultant in grain-drying/storage
    • Asia (China, Thailand), 1986-retired
    • Europe (W. Germany, France, Denmark), 1984-retired
  • CIGR (International Society of Agricultural Engineers, Paris, France)
    • Board Member and US Representative to Section IV, 1979-1989

Administrative Background:

  • FAO Administrative Key-Consultant in founding a United Nations Post-Harvest Technology Center in Pantnagar, India, 1984-retired
  • Industrial Consultant at Blount, Inc. Grand Island, NE as head of the engineering/research group, 1/83-7/83 '
  • Academic Administrator of the post-harvest technology research group at MSU, from 2-12 graduate students and technicians, 1964-retired

Committee Assignments

  • Past chairman and member of the following committees of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers:
    • Continuing Education,
    • Special Crops Processing,
    • Grain Processing,
    • International Relations,
    • Publications,
    • CIGR Liaison
  • Other committees:
    • US Congress (grain quality)
    • Ml Department of Commerce (research grants)
    • National Bureau of Standards (policy services)
    • Grain Elevator Processing Society (dust explosions)
    • International Society of Agricultural Engineers (board member)


  • Editor or assistant editor to:
    • International Journal of Drying Technology, 1982-retired
    • Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research (UK), 1984-retired
    • International Journal of Energy in Agriculture, 1983-1987
  • Consultant to the 95th Congress of the U.S. House of Representatives (the Committee On Science and Technology) on the topic of Energy Savings In. Crop Production, 1977-1978, Washington, D.C.
  • Consultant to the Congressional Board of the 100th Congress of the U.S.A. (the Office of Technology Assessment) on the topic of Enhancing The Quality Of U.S. Grain For International Trade, 1987-1989, Washington, D.C.; co-author of OTA report
  • Consultant to the International Energy Agency (Paris, France) on the topic of Energy Use In Agriculture, 1977-1980
  • Consultant to one Canadian, one Brazilian, one West German, one French, one Danish and eight U.S. grain-processing companies, 1972-retired
  • Consultant to the Chinese Government (Department of Commerce) on the topic of grain drying/storage, 1986-retired
  • Honorary Guest-Professor (1-2 weeks)
    • Delf Technical University, the Netherlands, 1971
    • University College, Dublin, Ireland, 1984
    • Virginia Polytechnical Institute, 1985
    • Nanjing Technical University, China, 1986
    • Changchun Agricultural College, China, 1988
    • University of Cantho, Vietnam, 1989
    • University of Saskatchewan, 1989