Jan Daelemans



First name

Jan, Maurits, Alina




Retired Research Officer in the Research Department of the Belgian Ministry of Agriculture.


  • 1959: Agricultural Engineer - University of Ghent (Belgium)
  • 1977: Doctor in Agricultural sciences, University of Giessen (Germany)
  • 1992: Titular Professor at the University of Göd&oumul;llö (Hungary)
  • 1998: Doctor Honoris Causa, University of G&oumul;d&oumulll&oumul (Hungary)


Dutch (mother tongue), French, English, German, and reading Italian and Spanish

National career

  • 1-9-1960: Research worker at the Research Station of Agricultural Engineering at Merelbeke (Belgium)
  • 1-6-1993: Director at the above mentioned Research Station of Agricultural Engineering
  • Since 2004 President of the retired agents of the Belgian Ministry of Agriculture

International career

  • Secretary of different scientific Congresses in Belgium
  • 9-9-1989 until 1998: Secretary-General of CIGR (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering)


  • Labour organization in Agriculture
  • Animal housing


A number of publications on labour organization in agriculture, animal housing and mechanization, e.g.:

  • 1972: Arbeidsorganisatie in de landbouw (Labour organization in Agriculture) a book of 300 pages
  • 1977: Arbeitsorganisation und Arbeitszeitbedarf mechanisierter Feld- und Transportarbeiten - doctor thesis at the University of Giessen.
  • 1985: Housing of Animals. A book of 460 pages, edited by Elsevier