Fedro S. Zazueta

Email: fsz@ufl.edu

Associate CIO and Professor

14 years of IT experience on enterprise level management of IT services and systems. Strategic planning, deployment and operation of IT services in support of teaching, research, and extension/engagement, aligned with the institutional mission. Consistently improve quality of service while reducing cost. Excel at strategic planning, working within decentralized environments, creating high performance collaborative teams, implementing policy and best practice, creating user-centric service organizations, synthesizing and communicating complex ideas and concepts, and envisioning and deploying innovative uses of IT. Areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic and Action Planning
  • Organization Development
  • Budgeting and Management
  • Process Improvement
  • System architecture, Design and Implementation
  • Technology Adoption
  • Change management
  • Community Engagement
  • Software Engineering
  • Education and Training
  • Simulation and Modeling

Professional Experience

Associate CIO/Director 2002- Present

University of Florida (UF) Information Technology
Land Grant University

Report to the CIO, manage the Office of Academic Technology (AT), appointed to lead the efforts to develop an IT Strategic Plan for UF and reorganize several units into the Office of Academic Technology (AT). Directly responsible for AT, a unit with 83 permanent staff, 217 temporary positions, and a budget of $9.5 million. Lead a team of 8 Directors. Deprecate and divest from obsolete services, and make part of the operation self sufficient by generating revenues. Deploy new services and improve existing services under a budgetary shrinking environment (from $12.5 million to $9.5 million in three years). Envision innovative uses of IT and create related services. AT provides services for more than 51,000 students, 3,600 faculty and 9,000 staff.

Notable Accomplishments
  • Provided leadership to the first UF strategic planning effort (2002) that led to the current organization that provides core IT services while retaining flexible and distributed services.
  • Consolidated several units into a single cohesive service organization that resulted in AT.
  • Centralized and deployed an enterprise level course management system using resources from internal efficiency gains (Currently with 13,000 courses).
  • Created a consortium and provided management oversight for central provision of video conferencing infrastructure and services (Currently 181 video conferencing endpoints are distributed over the State).
  • System design and oversight of the implementation of a State-wide online standardized testing system (Used by all state and some private universities).
  • Provided oversight for design and implementation of a process for high-quality, high-enrollment, online course production using state-of-the art IT and best pedagogical practice (30 courses no registration caps over 2 years).

IT Director 1997-2001

University of Florida-IFAS
Land Grant University

Report to the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF-IFAS) Associate Vice President, responsible for leading the unit's strategic IT planning effort and its implementation. Direct the IFAS Office of Information Technology, deploy a state Wide Area Network, manage software engineering team, and support internal and external stakeholder services. Engage the community, and provide advice to the IT governance committee.

Notable Accomplishments
  • Consolidated several units into a single cohesive organization that resulted in IFAS IT.
  • Increased the number of nodes in a statewide extension and research WAN from 15 to over 100 by divesting from obsolete technology, reallocating resources, and without additional budget.
  • Created a Help Desk for the organization.
  • Provided oversight and was a member of the technical teams that created the Extension Digital Information System and Distance Diagnostic and Identification System- two mission critical extension IT services the core of extension education programs in Florida and delivery of information to the public-.
  • Designed, implemented and provided oversight of the Florida Agricultural Weather Network and linkages to the Climate Consortium. This service is used by nearly all farmers in Florida and has saved the State billions of dollars.
  • Developed a State wide extension education program on IT in agriculture -was recognized by the US Secretary of Agriculture (USDA) as increasing the competitiveness of Florida agriculture-.

Professor/Assoc. Prof./Asst. Prof. 1982-Present

Ag. and Bio. Eng. Dept, UF

Report to the Dept. Chair with responsibilities in teaching, research and extension. Develop engineering courses including software engineering and computer applications. Develop a State wide program for computer adoption in agriculture. Develop software applications for agricultural production system design management. Conduct research and development in IT in production agriculture and water management.

Notable Accomplishments
  • Authored over 500 research, technical publications, and software programs used in industry.
  • Introduced computer management and control technologies into Florida Agriculture.
  • Created and managed the self-sustaining Computer Support Office that provided service for 15 years to Florida farmers.
  • Recognized as a world leader in computer technologies in agriculture, with many keynote and invited presentations at international meetings and congresses.
  • Founding member of the International Federation of IT in Agriculture.
  • Organized computer conferences since 1982 that became the World Conference on Computers in Agriculture held every year.
  • As President of the world society of ag. and biosys. eng., Commission Internationale du Genie Rural (CIGR), developed and implemented a strategic plan to modernize the society, converted services to the web, and deployed an online journal management system. This association is one that includes all ag. and biosystems professional societies in the world.

For more details on academic work, accomplishments and publications see http://fsz.ifas.ufl.edu

Consulting 1982-date

Various organizations

Led strategic planning efforts for several organizations, including USDA and CIGR. Advised Universities in the US, Asia, Latin America and Europe on IT in academic programs. Consulted for the China Ministry of Commerce on the use of IT for poverty alleviation. Developed an irrigation district level management system including data acquisition, simulation, accounting, calendaring and other management aspects for the National Water Commission, Mexico. Evaluated environmental impact assessments for the World Bank.


  • 1982 Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering, Colorado State University.
  • 1977 M.S. Water Use and Conservation, Instituto Tecnol?gico y de Est. Sup. de Monterrey (ITESM).
  • 1974 B.S. Civil Engineering, ITESM.