President's Message

Welcome Message from the President

CIGR is one of numerous engineering and scientific associations, as well as associations for electrical, construction and chemical engineers, medical specialists, psychologists, IT professionals, economists, etc.

The position of CIGR among these associations - in a specific country or in the international arena ? is, among others, the result of problems which are faced and solved by members of these associations. We can show that we have solved numerous difficult problems related to processing biological materials from both animals and plants. At the same time we know how many problems remain unsolved in various regions of the rapidly developing world. New problems still arise in both rich and poor countries and we, as agricultural engineers, should face them. Undoubtedly, these problems will be solved faster and more effectively if we face and solve these problems together with representatives of other scientific and engineering associations. Informing such associations of our scientific and professional activities through trade publications, participation in scientific conferences, etc. is one of the purposes of my mission as president of CIGR.

My second purpose - and I encourage all agricultural and biosystems engineers to undertake it - is the promotion of our organization, i.e. CIGR. With more than 40 years of professional experience, and having participated in numerous international events and having contact with engineers and scientists I recognise that CIGR, similarly to regional and national associations of agricultural engineers, is poorly recognized. Promoting our achievements and plans for the future is today a necessity ("those who do not promote themselves do not exist...").

The third purpose I would like to achieve is to define the following concepts: agricultural engineering, biosystems engineering, biological engineering and production engineering. It is true that there are numerous definitions of these concepts, but as far as I know the overlapping parts of these concepts and differences between them are not defined. For example, what are the differences in the knowledge and professional competences of agricultural and biosystems engineers? A more accurate definition of these four concepts and, in the longer term, their approval in the CIGR environment will be useful for: 1. ourselves, 2. applicants for our study courses, 3. the general public; thus, we will be recognized among other scientific and engineering associations.

Starting the mission of the CIGR President, I would like to express my gratitude to the many colleagues and friends in our organization with whom I have had the pleasure and honour to cooperate with so far, just to mention Bill Staudt, Axel Munack, Soren Pedersen, Da Wen Sun, Fedro Zazueta, Toshinori Kimura, Langfang Zhang, Pietro Piccardo, Claus Sorensen and many others. The current CIGR President from Poland counts on the kind cooperation of friends and colleagues from all continents of our beautiful world.

Prof. Tadeusz Juliszewski
President of CIGR