President's Message

Welcome Message from the President

Prof. Dr. LI Shujun

It is my great pleasure to be selected and elected to be the President of CIGR by the CIGR members, CIGR Executive Board members and CIGR Presidium. I regard it as an honor on one hand and as the responsibility on the other hand. How to execute the duties to lead CIGR fully playing its role in advancement of the international agricultural and biosystems engineering has been my constant consideration ever since I was elected in 2014.

I could not help thinking of the time when I was first involved in CIGR academic activity-the 13th World Congress of CIGR in Rabat, Morocco in 1998, only two scientists from China attended the congress. At that time, the agricultural engineers in China were not familiar with CIGR, not to mention participate in its activities. I am happy to see that after about 20 years, more and more Chinese agricultural scientists not only actively participate in CIGR activities but also offer volunteering services for CIGR for the purpose of enlarging CIGR’s impact in the world, and promoting the scientific and technological exchanges among the scientists and engineers worldwide. I witnessed it and thus I am convinced CIGR will surely assist the development of agricultural and biosystems engineering in all its member countries while realizing self-development.

From January 1st, 2017, I will assume my duties of CIGR President. I have the following action plan in my term period:

      1. Shoulder the responsibility of the president-organize CIGR Presidium meetings, make action plan, raise suggestions and keep regular contacts with CIGR presidium members, Executive Board members and the national, international and regional associations for the smooth operation of CIGR;
      2. Guide to successfully organize CIGR worldwide academic activities -- world congress, international conferences, scientific symposiums, seminars and workshops;
      3. Instruct and support the S&T researches of CIGR working groups in order to solve the hot and key issues that the world faces in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering;
      4. Organize in preparing CIGR new handbook for the emerging industry in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering;
      5. Recruit new members and enlarge CIGR impact;
      6. Work together with the Editor-in-Chief of CIGR Journal for entering Thompson Reuters;
      7. Plan new strategies for CIGR when facing untraditional challenges.

I determine to do my very best and with my great efforts to serve for CIGR in my term along with all of you, my dear colleagues’ collaboration. All the above suggested action plan could not be fully implemented without your strongly support and generous efforts. Let’s work together for the common goal- for the betterment of all the people on earth and for the earth where we live. I will surely make my due contributions to this great cause.

Jan.1, 2017
Beijing, China