Presidium's Action Plan

In a rapidly developing world, the expectations for CIGR involvement have been constantly changing. In particular, over the last decade, there have been remarkable changes in many new regions, including the third world. Thus, CIGR has become a truly international organization.

The Presidium’s action plan for the near future includes the following main points:

  • Promote educational and scientific initiatives
  • Expand the participation of members in developing countries
  • Improve the financial situation of the society
  • Promote and facilitate collaboration among members of the society as an association of regional and national members
  • Improve stakeholder access to the CIGR knowledge resources

The general strategy of the Presidium is as follows:

  • Create a Web portal using state-of-the-art information technologies
  • Proactively seek professionals and organizations in regions where Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering is underrepresented in CIGR
  • Proactively seek participation in professional events

The following specific actions will support the above strategy:

  • Create a new and improved Web presence for CIGR
  • Establish and use collaboration platforms for CIGR members to improve the frequency and quality of contacts based on the activities of CIGR Section Boards and Working Groups
  • Support management tools for the CIGR E-Journal leading to a more expeditious review and publication process
  • Increase the profits of CIGR by exploring and effectively utilizing e-commerce to market CIGR products as well as to increase donor contributions
  • Create a public directory of CIGR members
  • Conduct an analysis of the geographic distribution of members, identify gaps and establish contacts with groups and individuals for their incorporation into CIGR
  • Assist in the coordination of international symposiums, conferences and congresses and avoid unnecessary duplication of themes in the same year
  • Update the CIGR statutes