Technical Sections IV: Energy in Agriculture


Energy in Agriculture

The Section IV of CIGR Energy in Agriculture deals with the actual problems of the rational and economical applications of electricity and other energy sources in connection with the electricity in the agriculture, especially with the rational use of the renewable energy sources considering the aspects of the protection of the environment.



Chair: Prof. R.Cengiz Akdeniz

Ege University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Machinery, Bornova, Izmir, 35100, Turkey

TR Turkey

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Vice Chair: Prof. Károly Petróczki

Szent Istvan University Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Páter Károly út 1. 2100 Gödöllő, Hungary

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Secretary: Prof. Guangnan Chen

University of Southern Queensland, Faculty of Engineering and Surveving Agriculture, Civil and Environmental... read-more

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Kaliningrad State Technical University, Naval and Power Engineering Faculty, The Department of Electrical Equipment of... read-more

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Utsunomiya University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Environmental Engineering, Mine 350, Utsunomiya, Tochigi,... read-more

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Agricultural University in Krakow, Faculty of Production and Power Engineering, Institute of Agricultural Engineering... read-more

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Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Faculty of Engineering , Department of Machines and Production Systems ,TF,... read-more

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Member: Dr. Ralf Pecenka

Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim (ATB), Max-Fyth-Allee 100, D-14469 Potsdam, Germany

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Member: Prof. Dariush Zare

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Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering, Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, China Association of Rural... read-more

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Honorary Chairs/Members:

Honorary Chairs: Prof. Kamaruddin Abdullah

Bogor Agricultural University, Dept. Agricultural Engineering, CREATA IPB, Campus of IPB Darmaga PO Box 220, Bogor... read-more

ID Indonesia

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Honorary Chairs: Prof. Janusz Piechocki

University of Warmia and Masury in Olsztyn, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department of Electric and Power Engineering... read-more

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Honorary Chairs: Prof. Mikio Umeda

Kyoto University, Division of Environmental Science and Technology, Graduate School of Agriculture, Sakyoku Kyoto 606-... read-more

JP Japan

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Mission, Objectives, Scope and Activities


The Section IV of CIGR "Energy in Agriculture" deals with the actual problems of the rational and economical applications of electricity and other energy sources in agriculture, especially with the rational use of the renewable energy sources considering the aspects of the protection of the environment

CIGR Section IV "Energy in Agriculture" which is worldwide platform for Engineers, all related individuals, national and international organizations provides the latest technological developments in energy issues related to agriculture, creates awareness on efficient and rational utilizing of energy sources in agriculture through organizing, coordinating and co-organizing the conferences, seminars, workshops, and etc.


Section IV promotes the activities on the fields of energy in agriculture especially bio-energy and other renewable energy technologies and systems, and cooperation among the groups from different countries on the field of energy in agriculture. There are as following:

  • realize and improve the collaboration amongst the networks active on renewable energy issues worldwide,
  • provide an effective environment for exchanging the latest new scientific research results and knowledge on technological developments,
  • supporting foresight studies on renewable energy sources in agriculture and give emphasize on scientific, technical and strategic developments on this issues,
  • searching and promoting new technologies on energy in agriculture and transferring to agriculture and industry,
  • encourage researchers to study on effective and sustainable usage of renewable energy sources,
  • make worldwide awareness on importance of renewable energy sources and rational energy usage on agriculture.


Considering the objectives defined as above, the scope of CIGR-Section IV refers to the following main subject areas:

  • Fuel and bio-fuel production and utilization in agriculture,
  • Small scale bio-power plants (CHP),
  • Biomass conversion technologies,
  • Bio-energy markets and sustainable developing considering the aspects of the environment protection,
  • Solar thermal and photovoltaic systems and wind power systems used in agriculture,
  • Energy efficiency technologies.


CIGR Section IV plans to organize one or two conferences or symposiums in every year in different countries of the world. During one of these conferences we organize meeting for Board Members of CIGR Section IV in every year. We participate in the Conferences and Congress whole of CIGR. We support native activities in different countries on the energetic area in agriculture.