WG1 - Animal Housing in Hot Climate Working Group


The group was established in 2003 by joining researchers from different institutions, countries and continents. The aim of the group enhancing CIGR actions on Animal Housing in hot climate by solving the problems in barns in hot regions. That per pass the different CIGR Sections considering different supply chains and systems, it aims at contributing with discussions, planning and actions to ensure good environmental for animals all over the world. The Hot Climate Working Group CIGR Section II is a worldwide group of experts interested solving problems related to managing livestock under hot climate conditions.

Chair: Prof. Mohamed Hatem

Agricultural Engineering Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Giza

EG Egypt

TEL: +2 02 5738000

E-mail: hatem@cu.edu.eg

Vice Chair: Prof. Eileen E. Fabian Wheeler

The Pennsylvania State University, Dept. of Agricultural & Biological Engineering, 228 Agricultural Engineering... read-more

US United States

TEL: +1 814-865-3552

E-mail: fabian@psu.edu

Secretary: Prof. Baoming Li

Dept. of Agricultural Structure and Bioenvironmental Engineering, China Agricultural University Beijing 100083

CN China

TEL: +86 10 62736904

E-mail: libm@cau.edu.cn