Technical Sections II: Structures and Environment


Optimizing the interaction of living organisms with their individual micro-environment by using structures and guaranteeing the long term sustainability (product quality and safety, human/animal health and welfare), of these biological systems in their surrounding environment.


Chair: Prof. Tomas Norton

KU Leuven. Division Animal and Human Health Engineering. Kasteelpark Arenberg 30 - box 2456, 3001 Leuven,... read-more

BE Belgium

TEL: +3216377531


Vice Chair: Prof. Thomas Bartzanas

Associate Professor, Greenhouse & Hydroponics Systems, Agricultural University of Athens

GR Greece



Secretary: Dr. Tami Brown-Brandl

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

US United States

TEL: +1 402-472-3377


Member: Dr. André Aarnink

Wageningen University and Research, Wageningen Livestock Research, De Elst 1, 6708 WD Wageningen, The Netherlands

NL Netherlands

TEL: +31 317480191


Biological and Chemical Engineering, Aarhus University

DK Denmark

TEL: +45 4189 3314


Member: Ms. Fatima Baptista

University of Evora. Department of Agricultural Engineering. Apartado 94, 7002-554 Évora, Portugal

PT Portugal

TEL: +351 266 760823


Member: Prof. Matteo Barbari

Department of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Forestry – University of Florence, Firenze, Italy

IT Italy

TEL: +390552755632


Member: Prof. Vasco Fitas da Cruz

Rural Engineering Department – Évora University MED – Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and... read-more

PT Portugal

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Member: Prof. In-Bok Lee

Laboratory of Aero-Environmental & Energy Engineering (A3EL). Department of Rural Systems Engineering. College of... read-more

KR Korea, Republic of

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Member: Prof. Panagiotis Panagakis

Agricultural University of Athens, Dept. of Natural Resources Management and Agricultural Engineering, Lab. of Farm... read-more

GR Greece

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Honorary Chairs/Members:

Honorary Chairs: Prof. Thomas Banhazi

University of Southern Queensland. School of Civil Engineering and Surveying. Toowoomba Campus. West St, Darling... read-more

AU Australia

TEL: +61 7 4631 1191; +61 8 8303 7781


Honorary Chairs: Prof. Daniel Berckmans

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven M3-BIORES: Measure, Model & Manage Bioresponses, Kasteelpark Arenberg 30 B - 3001... read-more

BE Belgium

TEL: +32 16 32 17 26


Honorary Members: Prof. Giovanni Cascone

Building and Land Engineering Section, Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, University of Catania, Italy

IT Italy

TEL: +39 095 7147571


Honorary Members: Prof. Irenilza de Alencar Nääs

Agricultural Engineering College, State University of Campinas, Campinas 13083-970, Brazil

BR Brazil

TEL: +55 19 35211039


Honorary Members: Prof. Jorge Ferro Meneses

Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Tapada da Ajuda, P-1349-017 Lisboa, Portugal

PT Portugal

TEL: +351 21 3653482


Honorary Chairs: Prof. Søren Pedersen

Department of Biosystems Engineering. Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Aarhus Birketoften 1 DK-8700... read-more

DK Denmark

TEL: +45 2548 7761


Honorary Chairs: Prof. Alvaro Ramírez-Gómez

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería y Diseño Industrial. Ronda de Valencia 3.... read-more

ES Spain

TEL: +34 910677400


Mission, Objectives, Scope and Activities


The mission of CIGR-Section II is to promote and advance science, engineering and technology involved in the development Farm Buildings and Structures with special attention given to efficiency of resource use, the reduction of emissions, the health and welfare of humans and animals. Social, environmental and economic impacts of these technologies will be at the heart of our attention in order to realize sustainable development for both developed and developing countries.


  • Improving the knowledge on processes leading to better indoor environments for animals or crops
  • Improved crop and animal modelling for building performance evaluation and development.
  • Environmental assessment of impacts from animal buildings and greenhouses;
  • Development and applicability of technologies for environmental control of the farm buildings and related physical processes, leading to strengthening the discipline of controlled environment agriculture;
  • Improving the knowledge on emission processes from animal buildings as affected by animal building design and farming practices;
  • Enhance knowledge of manure management, relevant technologies, standards and control measures;
  • Improved technologies for higher performance animal production, through precision livestock farming systems

Scope (Keyword):

  • Developments in latest modelling and simulation tools CFD modelling (Building simulation)
  • Natural ventilation design (Ventilation)
  • Developments in emission modelling and measurement techniques (Emissions)
  • Precision Livestock Farming technologies (Precision Livestock Farming)
  • Crop monitoring and control technologies for greenhouses (Greenhouse technology)
  • Climate-neutral farming with respect to building design and operation (Climate neutral Buildings)
  • Housing animals in hot climates (Hot climate Housing)
  • Developments in modelling heat loss and gas production from animals and crops (Animal and crop modelling)
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) developments that support the objectives  of the Section (Sensors and IT)


  • Civil engineering
  • Biosystems and Agricultural engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Agronomy
  • Animal Sciences (inc. Ethology)
  • Veterinary Science
  • Crop sciences

Events organized by Section II

Title Date Event type Location Country
The XVIII CIGR World Congress 2014 Tue, 16/09/2014 to Fri, 19/09/2014 Congress Beijing CN China
International Conference of Agricultural Engineering CIGR-AgEng 2012 Sun, 08/07/2012 to Thu, 12/07/2012 Conference Valencia ES Spain
7th International Symposium on Cement Based Materials for a Sustainable Agriculture Sun, 18/09/2011 to Wed, 21/09/2011 Conference Château Bonne Entente, Quebec City CA Canada
EFITA – ECPA – ECPLF – ISAF Joint International Agriculture Conference 2011 Mon, 11/07/2011 to Thu, 14/07/2011 Conference Prague CZ Czech Republic