Welcome Message from the President

Prof. Dr. Zhi Chen

CIGR has been the most influential organization in the field of Agricultural and Bio-systems Engineering. In the past eighty-eight years, the Presidium and Secretary-generals played very important roles. I feel very honored to become a member of them and work with all colleagues in CIGR. I will undertake my responsibility and serve CIGR earnestly during my tenure.

The quadrennial CIGR World Congress is a significant event for our organization and Agricultural professionals around the world. The Turkish organizers whose work is appreciated has paid all efforts to guarantee the success of this Congress. As a non-government and non-profit organization, CIGR provides a free and creative atmosphere and a strong platform for Academic activities for all professionals.

To serve CIGR better and develop it comprehensively stronger, it is important to keep pace with the trend of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering. Thus,I will define my service-objects clearly, and then making work plans accordingly. At present, based on the recent experience and for a better situation in the future, an efficient information-system should be highlighted which can guarantee the utilization and storage of important information. We need explicit principles and security assurance for our important documents and database. Meanwhile, generalizing CIGR to young professionals is another point. Building a platform for young professionals for absorbing quintessence and making contributions is significant for related subjects and fields which can make CIGR dynamic and sustainable. Through working hard on the current issues, we would reach a new stage.

China and Asia are the most populous country and region in the world. Agricultural economy is a big part and agricultural population accounts for a large proportion. Agricultural Engineering-technology plays a very important role in rational utilization of agricultural resources (including cultivated land, fresh water and agricultural waste), protection of rural environment, exploitation of rural resources, transformation of rural production system, application of new agricultural technology and solution to starvation and poverty. In the past, CIGR was continuing addressing the issues of resources, environment and poverty in less developed regions with responsibility. And in the future, we will insist our intention.

Spreading the technology and experience of Agricultural and biological systems engineering from developed countries to underdeveloped regions and making it fit in these places is a broad road. CIGR has sufficient terms for this. Excellent professionals from developed, developing and underdeveloped countries gather in our organization. Through activities like international conferences, the World Congress and so on, and based on joint efforts of every sections of CIGR, including professional boards, technical boards, workshops and all, we can realize the exchanging of people, information, technology and experience, and what’s more, to reach the prospect with harmony and common prosperity of the Earth, our shared homeland.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those who trust me. I will work with the Presidium, Prof. Fedro Zazueta and all CIGR members to make CIGR better and stronger.