Newsletter N° 117

Newsletter No: 


Newsletter Date: 

June, 2019

Newsletter appended date: 

Sunday, 30 June, 2019


In this issue:

  1. Working Groups Coordinator Message
  2. An Invitation to Join or Create a CIGR Workgroup.
  3. Call for Abstracts: 2020 CIGR International Conference
  4. Announcement of New Senior Editor for the CIGR Journal
  5. CIGR Journal Editor’s Report
  6. Plant Factory and Intelligent Greenhouse (PFIG) Working Group Report
  7. ASABE’s Biosystems Engineering Digital Library (BEDL)
  8. Report from The Russian Academy of Science
  9. X Latin American and the Caribbean Congress of Agricultural Engineering Students (CLEIA)
  10. Report on The XXXVIII CIOSTA & CIGR V International Conference held in Rhodes, Greece, 24-26 June
  11. Excerpt from the Opening Speech by Section VII Chair at the Joint WCCA/HAICTA/EFITA Meeting
  12. CIGR Conferences.

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