XXXIX CIOSTA & CIGR V International Conference

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XXXIX CIOSTA & CIGR V International Conference. 20-21 June 2021. Krakow, Poland.

Agricultural systems management in times of globalization.

We are pleased to remind that the XXXIX CIOSTA / CIGR V conference “Agricultural systems management in times of globalization”, will take place in just a few months (June 21-22, 2021). As we mentioned in the newsletter N° 122, the conference will be held via the Internet. We intend to organize this meeting using the ZOOM communication platform.

All information about the registration method (including the online registration form), instructions for using the ZOOM platform and later - the conference program, can be found on the website: (access from the second half of January 2021).

We also inform you that the conference will be free of charge. The cost of publishing a chapter in a monograph will be around 70 €.






Sunday, 20 June, 2021 to Monday, 21 June, 2021


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Karolina Trzyniec

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