6th CIGR International Conference 2024, JEJU Island, Korea, May 2024

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In the 21st century, the era of 4th industrial revolution, the CIGR has promoted exchanges of agricultural information, seminars on the development and utilization of technologies, discussions about mutual interests, and research on measures for future advancement. Climate change is of global significance as it adversely impacts on the market economy of every country through unpredictable natural disasters, the resulting political crisis and social instability. In the face of such general crisis, the agriculture industry takes particular importance in providing life-saving food for people. It is essential to create the sustainable values of survival and advances for the future livelihood of the people everywhere.

The theme of this CIGR International Conference is “Digital Agriculture (Feed the Future)”. Dynamic thought leaders, scientists, and researchers will share and exchange information about state-of-the-art technology related to agricultural engineering in this conference. In addition, this conference will provide a great opportunity for communication with all of the participants from around the world, who are global experts in the area of agricultural and biological engineering. The program will consist of 8 potential technical sessions, i.e. novel technology and innovation in agricultural machines, robotics and sensing technology structures and agricultural environments, sustainable plant production, artificial intelligence and data science, machine vision system for agricultural processing, food safety, processing and engineering, and smart livestock farming. These sessions will be valuable forums for the exchange of recent research findings in the various academic fields.

Jeju is the island of symbol of peace on the Korean Peninsula and a treasure island of the world, with a unique mixture of culture and nature that is blessed by heaven. Jeju would serve as an excellent platform for exchange of such valuable information and personnel related to the agricultural engineering research and industry.
All the people of the organization societies are expecting the day when this top networking opportunity will be held in Jeju, where we will share the value and meaning of agriculture. As well as, we hope all participants will enjoy the contents of the conference.


International Convention Center (ICC JEJU), Jeju


Korea, Republic of


Sunday, 19 May, 2024 to Thursday, 23 May, 2024


Korean Society for Agricultural Machinery (KSAM), Korean Society of Agricultural Engineering (KSAE), and Korean Society for Biological and Environmental Control (KSBEC)

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Kangjin Lee


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