CIGR publishes a quarterly Newsletter in English. It is also available in Russian, Spanish, and other languages' translations.

A quarterly publication, the CIGR Newsletter contains information on member associations, members, sections, working groups, future events such as congresses, seminars, symposia, workshops, etc. Furthermore it highlights new publications, lists publications that are available from CIGR and publicizes vacant positions.

E.g., 01/2021
E.g., 01/2021
Title Newsletter period PDF File Summary
Newsletter N° 64 October, 2003
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In this issue:

1. Nouvelles de la CIGR
2. Nouvelles des associations nationales & régionales
3. Activités parrainées par la CIGR
4. Activités des associations régionales de la CIGR
5. Activités co-parrainées par la CIGR
6. Autres activités
7.... more