CIGR publishes a quarterly Newsletter in English. It is also available in Russian, Spanish, and other languages' translations.

A quarterly publication, the CIGR Newsletter contains information on member associations, members, sections, working groups, future events such as congresses, seminars, symposia, workshops, etc. Furthermore it highlights new publications, lists publications that are available from CIGR and publicizes vacant positions.

E.g., 07/2024
E.g., 07/2024
Title Newsletter period PDF File Summary
Newsletter N° 127 December, 2021
Appended on 31 Dec 2021

In this issue:

1. Registration and Abstract Submission for the CIGR World Congress is Open
2. Deadline Extended for contributions to CIGR Journal Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
3. Invitation to Attend ASABE´s Global Initiative Conference, Costa Rica... more

Newsletter N° 126 September, 2021
Appended on 30 Sep 2021

In this issue:
1. Message from the Technical Board Chair
2. Call for contributions to CIGR Journal Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
3. Final Agricultural Engineering in Africa Report Available for Download
4. Abstracts from 5th CIGR International... more

Newsletter N° 125 June, 2021
Appended on 30 Jun 2021

In this issue:

1. Invitation to the CIGR World Congress: Kyoto, Japan 2022
2. A look back at the 5th CIGR International Conference
3. Technical Sections Report
4. CIGR Workgroups Report
5. CIGR Journal Editor’s Report
6. New Workgroup on... more

Newsletter N° 124 March, 2021
Appended on 23 Mar 2021

In this issue:

  1. Message from the CIGR President
  2. Prof. Zhi Chen Honored for his Leadership and Contributions to CIGR
  3. 2020 Class of iAABE Fellows
  4. Prof. Seishi Ninomiya Elected as CIGR Incoming President... more
Newsletter N° 123 December, 2020
Appended on 27 Dec 2020
  1. Message from the Outgoing CIGR President.
  2. 2020 CIGR AWARDS.
  3. Preserving Knowledge: A digital repository for biosystems engineering.
  4. New EU-funded project to make agriculture fossil free.
  5. In Memoriam: Prof. Hiroshi Shimizu.
  6. Prof. Kajita Takaaki... more
Newsletter N° 122 September, 2020
Appended on 29 Sep 2020

In this issue:
1. Message from the CIGR President
2. Results of Intermediate Election for CIGR President
3. Newly Elected iAABE Fellows
4. CIGR Journal Editor’s Report
5. ASABE to Develop Performance Standard for Hermetic Grain-Storage Bags
6. Call for... more

Newsletter N° 121 June, 2020
Appended on 30 Jun 2020

In this issue:

  1. Message from the CIGR Presidium
  2. Smart Farming and Digitalization       
  3. Second Call Student Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Innovation Competition  
  4. Call for Submissions:  GIUSEPPE PELLIZZI PRIZE 2020, Club of Bologna   
  5. CIGR... more
Newsletter N° 120 March, 2020
Appended on 31 Mar 2020

In this issue:

  1. ASABE and a Pathway Towards Circular Food & Agricultural Systems
  2. Consensus Study on Science Breakthroughs to Advance Food and Agricultural Research by 2030 (Free Download)
  3. Call for Interested Societies and Universities to Participate in the... more
Newsletter N° 119 December, 2019
Appended on 31 Dec 2019

In this issue:

  1. Rural Landscape Protection and Valorization Workgroup
  2. Section III (Plant Production) Annual Report 2019
  3. CIGR and DLG enter into Collaboration Agreement
  4. CIGR 2020 International Conference
  5. 2019 CIGR Journal Report
  6. 5th College... more
Newsletter N° 118 September, 2019
Appended on 30 Sep 2019

In this issue:

  1. 2nd Call for Abstracts: 2020 CIGR International Conference
  2. 2024 CIGR International Meeting Awarded to Korea
  3. Work Group on Rural Development and the Preservation of Cultural Heritage
  4. 12th CIGR Section VI International Symposium Report
  5. ... more